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Horses killed in mindless theft

Horses killed in mindless theft

3:23pm 21st September 2009
(Updated 3:24pm 21st September 2009)

Thoughtless thieves, who stole two gates from a field near Wentbridge in the Pontefract area, allowed eleven horses to escape from a field they enclosed.

Just after midnight on Sunday morning five vehicles collided with some of the horses on the A1 southbound.

Three animal were killed at the scene and one was taken to a vet where it was put to sleep.  

None of the motorist were hurt, but were left shaken.

The animals belonged to the Timbertops Equestrian Centre and North Yorkshire police are now investigating anyone seen acting suspiciously in the area at the time.

Local auction marts are also being urged to be on their guard against purchasing any metal gates.

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