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Third Energy steps up security at KM8


12:41pm 9th November 2017
(Updated 12:49pm 9th November 2017)

Third Energy has written to residents in  and around Kirby Misperton this week give its  update on work at the KM8 site.

The letter says they have stepped up security at the site and they say this would not be needed if the actions of all protestors had remained within the law,.

It comes after anti-fracking campaigners  climbed the rig and spent around 30 hours on a platform.


KM8 Third Energy Letter 

It says they have now completed the workover phase and are moving towards the hydraulic fractures operation.

Part of the letter

Dear Local Resident,

As we have now completed the workover phase of the current KM8 project, I wanted to update you on our work programme as we move towards the hydraulic fractures themselves.

We have now experienced a series of incidents which are both illegal and in some cases potentially dangerous. This has forced us, with regret, to step up our security provisions.

These additional provisions are designed to improve site security and deter protestors from taking illegal trespass actions and to reduce the risk of a serious incident.

We respect the right to lawful and peaceful protest but we have the equal expectation that local residents should be able to go about their daily routines and legal business without hindrance. If the
actions of all protestors had remained within the law, there would not have been such a negative effect on the local community.

We have been making good progress with the project and our operational timetable, which factored in the impact of protest, remains on course.

We have been working hard, and I believe successfully, to minimise the noise associated with our ongoing activities and will continue to work with full compliance in accordance with our permit levels.

As required, we are monitoring and reporting noise levels.

On site, we have completed the workover successfully and we are now laying out the frac spread – as the equipment for the hydraulic fracturing is known. It is made up of:

• Water tanks
• Containers holding the additives that make up the frac fluid (less than one per cent of the frac fluid)
• Containers holding the sand that is used to prop open the tiny fractures – the proppant
• Blenders that mix the water, additives and sand to the specific “recipe” for each target rock formation
• Pumps that will create enough pressure to send the fluid down the well and into the target rock structure.

These are connected by a series of high pressure hoses, laid out across the site, to the “frac tree”, a
specialised well head that has recently been installed on the well and have been fully pressure tested.
External to the site we have just completed installing the twelve surface seismic monitors which are now relaying live data to a central control room.

We have also installed the array of vibration monitors that, together with the seismic monitors, provides the data streams for implementing the Traffic Light System (for
more information - www.gov.uk/government/publications/about-shale-gas-and-hydraulic-fracturing-fracking/developing-shale-oil-and-gas-in-the-uk ).

The Government’s Traffic Light System will be used to ensure that, in the unlikely event that the fracturing were to trigger any small, induced seismic event, the risk of impacts at surface will be minimised and controlled.

A micro-seismic array is being installed in the KM7 well, also located on the KMA wellsite, to measure fracture height growth.

Please see the Hydraulic Fracture Plan www.third-energy.com/km8-portal for more detail.


The letter goes on to say it is important for the company to keep the local community informed and says there is much mis-information about the operations. The letter is signed by Alan Linn Director.

It also reminds people of the ways to get in touch with Third Energy via the Knapton Generating Station on 01944 758746. This number is manned 24 hours a day.

For general queries email: northyorkshire@third-energy.com
or write to Third Energy Community Team, Knapton Generating Station, East Knapton, North Yorkshire YO17 8JF.

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