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North Yorkshire remains the safest place in England

NEWS: North Yorkshire Police

5:39pm 19th October 2017
(Updated 6:39am 20th October 2017)

New national crime figures out today have confirmed that North Yorkshire has the lowest crime rate in England.

This is outlined in the Office of National Statistics’ (ONS) "Crime in England and Wales, year ending June 2017" bulletin.

It shows there were a total of 37,359 crimes in North Yorkshire during the 12-month period, giving a crime rate of 45.9 per 1,000 of the population. This reflects a slight one percent increase in crime in comparison to the same period the previous year.

However, this performance contrasts with the 13% overall increase in police recorded crime in England and Wales.

Broken down into the main crime categories, the ONS figures for North Yorkshire show:

  • Burglary reduced by 13% (3,681 crimes in total, of which 1,592 are recorded as domestic burglaries (a 10% increase) and 2,089 non-domestic burglaries (a 15% decrease)
  • Drug offences decreased by 14% (1,496 crimes in total)
  • Violence against the person went up by 7% (9,876 crimes in total). This is broken down into Violence with Injury (4,658 crimes in total, 2% increase) and Violence without Injury (3,942 crimes in total, 13% increase). This overall increase is largely attributable to the Violence without Injury category. This includes Common Assault and Harassment offences. Recent analysis confirmed this rise is linked to improved recording following a recent HMIC inspection, an increase in historical reports, increased proactivity around enforcement of orders and improved victim confidence
  • Stalking and harassment increased by 13% (1,261 crimes in total)
  • Possession of weapons offences up by 22% (224 crimes in total)
  • Robbery increased by 9% (161 crimes in total)
  • Theft offences down by 5% (16,116 crimes in total)
  • Theft from person down by 6% (447 crimes in total)
  • Bicycle theft reduced by 15% (1,250 crimes in total)
  • Shoplifting increased by 3% (4,221 crimes in total)
  • Other theft offences down by 5% (4,367 crimes in total)
  • Criminal damage and arson down by 2% (5,756 crimes in total)
  • Vehicle Offences reduced by 8% (2,150 crimes in total)
  • Sexual offences increased by 19% (1,465 crimes in total). As previously highlighted, this rise is regarded as a positive reflection of the confidence victims have in North Yorkshire Police, particularly those making historical complaints in the wake of high profile historical sexual abuse cases, plus support from dedicated facilities for victims of sexual assault
  • Public order offences up by 19% (1,503 crimes in total)
  • Miscellaneous crimes against society, which includes the possession and publication of extreme sexual images, increased by 25% with 762 crimes in total)

Deputy Chief Constable Lisa Winward said:

“The fact that North Yorkshire is consistently the safest and lowest crime area in England is a testament to the professionalism and dedication of the teams of people from North Yorkshire Police and from our local authority and community partners.

“There is no doubt that our collective strength, passion and pride we have for our area is a key factor in this high level of performance.

“This pride is replicated in the very people we are proud to serve. Our communities provide so much support to their local policing teams. We will continue to do everything in our power to keep them safe and secure.”

Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, said:

“I am heartened that North Yorkshire continues to have the lowest crime rate in England and my thanks go to the officers and staff of North Yorkshire Police who work so hard on our behalf to keep us all safe.

“Although we have seen a small overall increase of one per cent, there are some types of crime that have risen significantly more. Some of this is down to changes in technical recording practices by the police, but not all.

“I also believe more victims are coming forward and some offences, harassment in particular, are now being taken much more seriously, both of which are positive. The past five years has also seen a very significant investment in victim services and support and I have no doubt these are contributing to more people feeling able to report what's happened to them.

“I have for example, more than tripled the funding to help victims of domestic and sexual abuse, which pays for more independent sexual and domestic violence advisors across the county. They have a pivotal and vital role in supporting victims through the criminal justice process, playing a huge part in securing strong conviction rates in North Yorkshire.

“Having said all this, although North Yorkshire remains the safest place in the country, this statistic is of little comfort for victims and you can be sure that our police will continue to do all they can to keep people safe, as well as help us feel safe."

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