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VIDEO - Son sees intruder in his father's house via on-line cameras

Poppleton Burglary CCTV

11:13pm 18th October 2017

Security cameras in a house in Upper Poppleton in York have captured the moment an intruder came into the home of an 82-year-old man.

Sentinental jewellery belonging to his wife Has since gone missing.

She died in August and their son, David, saw the whole thing happen live via an internet feed of the cameras.

Police were alerted but the intruder disappeared.

His father wasn't in the house at the time but David thought he was and called him for a chat.

When he got no answer he looked at the camera feed, which was installed as a security and safety measure, and he saw what was going on.


VIDEO - The CCTV Footage


David told Minster FM

"From when they started going out they were together 65 years and when Mum died it had a terrible impact on my Father.

You don't know the person and you don't know what's going on in their lives but it's despicable really"


 Investigations continue and no arrests have been made.

Police want to find the man to discover why he was in the house. 

If you have any information call North Yorkshire Police on 101 and quote this case number 12170182759



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