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VIDEO - Thixendale Weasel called Fidget to star on TV wildlife show

Fidget in Palm-small

5:00am 9th August 2017

An adorable pet weasel belonging to a Yorkshire wildlife artist is to represent Britain in a documentary about the super powers of the world’s smallest animals.
Fidget, who was hand-reared by Robert E Fuller, is to feature in Super Small Animals, at 8pm on BBC1 tonight, Wednesday, August 9th.

The programme, presented by biologist Patrick Aryee, explores the way extremely small animals are proportionally among the strongest and bravest in the world.

Patrick Aryee was filmed touring the globe to explore animals that can pack a punch way above their weight.

Fidget, who is so small he can curl up to sleep on the palm of your hand, is one of the smallest mammals to be found in the UK.

VIDEO - New TV star Fidget



The pint-sized predator was taken in by Robert Fuller after being found abandoned in York.

“Weasels are said to be small enough to slip through a wedding ring. Fidget is too big for that but when I found him he was just 10cm long,” he said.

Despite their diminutive size, weasels are notoriously ruthless and are so ferocious they will even take on rats twice their size.

Fidget was filmed at the artist’s studio in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, earlier this year demonstrating this tenacious courage in a maze designed to test his agility and intelligence.

The tiny terror will be seen running along and through super slim pipes hanging above the artist’s easel.

“I built him the assault course to keep him occupied whilst I painted. He regularly kept me company in the studio but he was so inquisitive he would run down my arm just as I was trying to apply tiny brushstrokes, or, worse, step in my paint and then trek his tiny paw prints everywhere,” the artist explained.

Fidget in Palm-small

The wildlife artist took Fidget in as a tiny kit after he was found abandoned on a footpath in Walmgate Stray, in York last year. He named him Fidget because he cannot keep still.

Despite being only a year old, Fidget is a seasoned television performer and his playful demeanour has already won hearts on BBC’s The One Show and Springwatch earlier this year.

Now he will be representing minute mammals that can be found in the UK. Among the other impossibly small creatures to feature in the documentary is the smallest seahorse in the world and a chameleon that can fit on the tip of your finger.

• Super Small Animals is on BBC1 at 8pm TONIGHT (on August 9th) and again at 4pm on Sunday, August 13th then on BBCiplayer


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