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VIDEO - Ethan's charity haircut 'now & then' pictures

Ethan Haircut

5:57pm 17th July 2017

Ethan Simmons is 11 years old and from Thirsk. Almost 4 years ago he started growing his hair.

He wouldn't tell his parents why but Ethan had a plan.

A few weeks ago he told his family what that plan was and they couldn't be more proud of him.


VIDEO - Meet Ethan and see his beautiful head of hair which will shortly get a charity chop



The fact that Ethan wouldn't get it cut was quite embarrassing for Mum and Dad because they run Salon 54 in Finkle Street in Thirsk.  

No amount of bribery or nagging could persuade him to have a trim, even when his Auntie got married and begged him to have a smart haircut for the photos, he simply refused.

Mum Emma says

Over the last four years he has been constantly mistaken for a girl so often that he doesn't even bother to correct the person anymore. He put up with nasty comments at school but has stuck to his plan.

He insists on looking after it, having light trims and using conditioner at every wash..

A few weeks ago when having a cuddle while watching a film, he announced that his hair was nearly long enough now, when I asked what for, he said to be made into a wig for a little girl with cancer,

I asked but what about your hair? You won't have long hair anymore and he said I know, I've been growing it so I could give it to a little girl that doesn't have any, and I can just grow it again.

The family have been in touch with the Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes Free wigs for children, and Ethan will be having his locks chopped later in July.

He will have over 11 inches of hair to donate, and he has started to raise money for the charity by way of sponsors and a Just Giving Page.


Ethan Simmons


Ethan told Minster FM 

Lots of people have thought I was a girl but it made me more determined to carry on growing it so I could help other children.

Even though my mum said if I cut my hair no one would laugh at my long hair any more, I decided I didn't care if people made fun, because it was more important to me to help another child that might be having fun made of them.

Now my hair is really long so I am going to donate it, and start growing it again to help as many children as I can.


And here's the after picture. Ethan's hair was chopped off last Saturday



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