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VIDEO - Naked bike protest against pollution and deaths

Naked Bike York 2017

5:45pm 25th June 2017
(Updated 2:06pm 26th June 2017)


Although the reaction from people in the streets was to grab their smart phones and take a snap, together with quite a few giggles, this, said the organisers, was no laughing matter.

The 2017 York World Naked Bike Ride was about protest, highlighting the pollution that comes from cars and the number of cyclists who die on our roads.

A couple of recent cases in York and North Yorkshire were used as reminders of the dangers.


VIDEO -  Why are they doing this?  (There is no full nudity in this clip) 


John Cossham, in the blue body paint, who lives in the city, told Minster FM it was all about showing how vulnerable cyclists were on the roads. ,

He said riding through the city is like being naked and they were here to protest about the number of deaths on the roads and the pollution cased by vehicles.


"We attract media attention by being naked in a way that fancy dress wouldn't.

We are also celebrating bicycles and various human body shapes"


Many of the people taking part in the 12th York Naked Bike Ride (There are rides all over the UK and the world too) believe that the bicycle is a key part of an alternative vision for life in the city.


VIDEO - St Helen's Square  (Warning - This video shows naked bodies so do not click the play button if you will be offended by what was seen in the streets)



When the riders arrived at St Helen's Square they got off their bikes and held a minutes silence for the people who have died in traffic accidents.

That was followed by another minutes silence for the animals that are killed.

Mr Cossham says as far as he is concerned that includes the insects that meet a sticky end on bumpers and windscreens too.

The reaction from people who were out in the city centre was mixed.

Laughing, cheers of support and looks of disgust too.

There were many asking how can this happen. The answer is that these kind of protests are covered by law and as long as certain rules are followed the police do not take action. 

It made an interesting if not inappropriate view for people having lunch in Betty's.

Although as you see in our video clip one woman was tapping on the window to get someone to move so she could study the scene in more detail. 

Once again Minster FM received messaged via Facebook from people furious that this is allowed to happen.

It's disgusting and an excuse for these people to abuse the situation. I'd have called the police if I thought they would intervene.

By you promoting this you are actively encouraging this blatant abuse of the purpose of this event. Shame on you


So why no arrests?

The police say The law surrounding exposure applies if there is an intention of causing alarm or distress.

The force is satisfied that this wasn’t the intention of the people who participated in this organised event.


Our gallery features some rear view nudity

Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year
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