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VIDEO - Gillygate open again after scaffolding collapsed in street


8:18am 19th June 2017
(Updated 12:07am 20th June 2017)

UPDATED - The road has now been cleared and is open to traffic

Main Photo courtesy of Michael Brigham. @briglar

Gillygate is open again after this mornings near miss when scaffolding was torn off a building at the junction with Bootham.



Witnesses said an HGV turning in the tight corner clipped the scaffolding which had been put up in front of the Hi Fi shop.

The accident also brought down the pedestrian signal from the traffic lights.

A window was smashed above the Sound Organisation shop in the accident along with their sign, and a window in the Bet Fred bookies was also damaged.

Cars and buses were diverted away from Gillygate at its northern junction with Lord Mayor’s Walk until the scaffolding was cleared.

No one was hurt but a local business man told Minster FM that it was an accident waiting to happen. The man who didn't want to be identified said he and other people had seen numerous near misses involving lorries and buses.

He called on the council to review the junction and traffic signals and look into banning certain types of vehicle from the street.


VIDEO CLIPS from the scene




The owner of Sound Organisation, Hamish MacDiarmid, said the scaffolding was in place so builders could fix the roof and the woodwork at the front could be painted.

He told David Dunning that “the lorry driver clipped the scaffolding and knocked it down”.

The shop is normally closed on Mondays anyway, and would be reopened tomorrow.



Mitchell Smith from the Contractor Finlay Roofing who were not responsible for erecting the scaffolding itself 

We got a contractor from the painters to do the windows.

He says there was an artic and the back of the trailer has caught one of the poles – he’s swung too early – and he’s taken the scaffolding.

But he’s taken it further away than where the actual scaffolding was in place. He’s ended up dragging it a few feet.

It’s landed there and they’ve done a bit of damage to Bet Fred, and damage to the main property.

We’re all very lucky that no one’s been hurt, and no vehicles have been damaged.



VIDEO - YorkMix was there filming this morning too


gillygate @ScriptYorkCEOPhoto - John Goodfellow @SCRIPTYORKCEO



Photo - @DavidDunningUK






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