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VIDEO - York artist uses human ashes to create a lasting memory

Jordan Reynolds

3:47pm 17th February 2017

An artist in York has started making special and very personal memorial pendants out of watch parts and human ashes. Jordan Reynolds, who lives in Huntington, runs a business called The Defunctorium, which he says is the home of custom bespoke oddities.

He takes the moving parts of old watches and creates new works of art with them. It's what's known as "Steampunk art".

It's a genre that celebrates the style of Victorian England or the American Wild West through art, fashion, and mechanics. If Jules Verne or H.G. Wells were writing their science fiction today, it would be considered “steampunk.


Jordan Reynolds


Recently he's also added the opportunity for people to include ashes from their loved ones into a lasting memory, called a Mortem Clock.

It uses only a small amount of human ashes contained inside a special vial.The clock parts are reformed and display the time that someone passed away.

Jordan was asked if he could produce something like this by a woman who had just lost her husband and the idea has become popular with other clients.


VIDEO - Jordan Reynolds explains more about his art



Picture - Human ashes are set inside the reconstructed workings of a Mortem Clock

Jordan Reynolds


You can find out more about Jordan's work by visiting his Facebook page


Jordan Reynolds



Picture - Jordan at work at home in Huntington

Jordan Reynolds

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