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Gladiators in York?

Gladiators in York?

7:08am 14th June 2010
(Updated 7:09am 14th June 2010)

Experts say the remains of several bodies found in York could be that of Roman Gladiators.

The Skeletons of eighty people were discovered in Driffield Terrace back in 2003.

Since that time research has been done concluding they date back as far as the first century AD.

Kurt Hunter-Mann headed up the research for the York Archaeological Trust.

He says one of the bodies had a large carnivore bite mark on it indicating that person may have been bitten by an animal in the gladiator arena.

Other theories include these are the bodies of criminals who've been decapitated.

Tonight a TV programme following the research is being aired on Channel 4 called "Gladiators, back from the dead."

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