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VIDEO - Huge turnout for Anti-Fracking rally in York

Anti Fracking demo

4:07am 29th July 2016
(Updated 5:13am 1st August 2016)

Today (Saturday 30th July) community groups from across Yorkshire came together for what was one of the biggest ever anti-fracking rallies and and one of the biggest demos seen in York for some time.

Over 2,000 people were expected to attend the rally, which began at Clifford's Tower at 12.00.

Estimates of crowd numbers put that figure much higher at up to 3,000.

The march then made its way to York Minster, where there were speeches from community leaders, local politicians and anti-fracking campaigners.


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Speakers at the rally include John Ashton, who served as the government's Special Representative for Climate Change from 2006-12.

Mr Ashton says,

"You can be in favour of fixing the climate. Or you can be in favour of exploiting shale gas. But you can't be in favour of both at the same time."


Other speakers included representatives from Yorkshire anti-fracking campaign groups, including Frack Free York, Frack Free Ryedale, Frack Free Scarborough and Frack Free South Yorkshire.

The rally comes in the wake of the decision by the North Yorkshire County Council to approve fracking at Kirby Misperton, despite receiving 4,375 letters opposing the application and only 36 letters of support.


Ian Conlan, from Frack Free Ryedale, told Minster FM live facebook feed

" We think its twice as big as the refugee march which means it's about 3,000 people here. There's a lot from Ryedale, a lot from all over Yorkshire and people from the south and Lancashire. 

Fracking is not an issue which only affected Yorkshire."

"When I talk to people on the street they are shocked and determined to stop this before it goes any further" 

Anti Fracking demo


Anti Fracking demo


Fracking Film reaches it's crowd funding target

Meanwhile, a crowd funding project to produce a film about the fears of Fracking in North Yorkshire has reached it's target. Production has started on '2 miles under' after over five thousand pounds was raised to fund it.

Dave Thorp is the writer and director and he's based in York.


drone pilot dave thorp


"2 Miles Under' is a short thought-provoking drama/ thriller/ horror film about the possible 'consequences' of fracking under a picturesque North Yorkshire village.

It raises issues of Trust and Confrontation: Engineering companies struggle to gain trust, and local political figures have their own 'agendas', whilst oblivious to the threatening forces below.

As the film concludes, those engineers and politicians suffer - as the fracking programme doesn't go entirely to plan."

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