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GUILTY OF MANSLAUGHTER! The jury return its verdict in the Norton Flat Fire case

GUILTY OF MANSLAUGHTER! The jury return its verdict in the Norton Flat Fire case

3:24pm 20th May 2010
(Updated 5:44pm 24th May 2010)

Labourer Peter Brown has been found guilty of the manslaughter of two young jockeys by setting light to a block of flats in Norton.

He's been cleared of murder at Leeds Crown Court.

Tracy Gee's been looking back over the case for Minster FM...

A joint statement from the families of Jamie Kyne and Jan Wilson

Read outside the courts the families said "Peter Brown has robbed us of two wonderful young people who had so much to live for.

When Jan and Jamie died, a part of each one of us died with them.

He has left us all shattered and our lives will never be the same again."

We are pleased that he has now been held accountable for the devastating events of last September, however, no punishment will ever bring Jan and Jamie back.

They have both been denied a great future and lifestyle in a sport they loved so much and had triumphed in.

Brown may have taken away Jan and Jamie but he cannot take away our memories.

Our thanks go to everyone who has helped and supported us through the past eight months, in particular the Injured Jockeys Fund.

We must now try to rebuild lives and ensure the memories of Jan and Jamie live on. 

Statement from the CPS

Jan Hills, District Crown Prosecutor for CPS North Yorkshire said "Peter Brown’s act of revenge robbed the families of Jan Wilson and Jamie Kyne of their loved ones and sadly deprived the sporting world of two rising talents.

"This utterly senseless act perpetrated by Peter Brown led to the tragic death of two young people, both of whom had their whole lives and promising sporting careers ahead of them.

“In setting fire to the block of flats, he cruelly snuffed out that youthful potential, all for the sake of a perceived slight after being refused access to a party.”


A video released by North Yorkshire Police of Peter Brown being questioned in custody:


The court was told that the fire, in the entrance hall to the block of six flats, was laid deliberately by Brown, in revenge for being refused access to a party being held at a flat on the first floor some hours earlier.

Although others in the building were able to escape through the windows, Ms Wilson and Mr Kyne were overcome by fumes and were unable to get out.

They died from smoke inhalation and burns.

Peter Brown was convicted of manslaughter today after a trial at Leeds Crown Court.

New images from the Norton Flat Fire:

Norton Flat Fire

Norton Flat Fire doorway



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