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Call for more frontline Police Officers in North Yorkshire

Call for more frontline Police Officers in North Yorkshire

1:38pm 17th May 2010

We could be at risk, as the police have more bums-on-seats than bobbies-on-the-beat.

The Police Federation revealed the devastating way our police force has changed in the last decade - employing more people, but mainly support staff not officers.

In North Yorkshire staff numbers have increase by 158% since the millenium - compared to 12% for police officers.

The watchdog's called it "alarming" saying the new coalition government needs to take action.

 Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, Grahame Maxwell, said:
"As demand has increased on police forces over the years, North Yorkshire Police has taken positive steps to free up police officers' time. Many roles can be carried out by civilian members of staff and it makes sound business sense to fill these positions with properly qualified people, thereby releasing police officers for frontline duty where their warranted powers are needed.  "We are committed to maintaining our current level of frontline officers."

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