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The heartache of a family from Norton

The heartache of a family from Norton

8:52am 30th April 2010
(Updated 6:10am 4th May 2010)

Imagine loosing a daughter to a terminal illness,  and then you discover your 2 year old son has the same illness. Thats just whats happening to a Norton family.

Jess McDowell died 2 years ago, aged 8 after battling  Fanconi Anaemia. FA often leads to bone marrow failure or leukaemia, requiring a dangerous bone marrow transplant for survival (transplant is much more complicated for those with FA) and many other Cancers, all at a very early age.  Sadly, many patients do not reach adulthood.  However, dedicated research has improved outcomes for transplants and is increasing the lifespan by a few years.

Now her  2 year old brother Alex has been diagnosed with the same illness.

Fanconi Anaemia Family Support

Their Mum and Dad have launched a new charity called Fanconi Anaemia Family Support to fund research and help other families in the same situation. They told us  Fanconi Anaemia research has also been pivotal in creating pathways for other Cancers and diseases, making contributions most notably to breast, ovarian & pancreatic cancer research. 

May the 1st is the very first International Fanconi Anemia Day.  Rare diseases such as this do not get as many donations, yet its research is impacting upon millions outside the affected population.  For more details, we have a website

 Local Events

We are organising some fundraising events over this weekend. Saturday - 12pm to 2pm a Teddy Bear's Picnic at the Brooklyn Centre, Langton Road, Norton; followed by a table top sale and raffle at Muffins Playbarn, Railway Street, Malton. Sunday - 10am (meet at the Hyde Park, Mill Street, Norton) a Car Treasure Hunt (about 2 1/2 hours long), followed by a children's party in the Hyde Park."



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