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A failed appeal for York soldier Joe Glenton

A failed appeal for York soldier Joe Glenton

5:44pm 21st April 2010
(Updated 5:49am 23rd April 2010)

Disappointed, angry and blaming the decision on a class ridden society.

That was the reaction of York soldier Joe Glenton this afternoon, as his appeal against his jail sentence for going AWOL from the Army was rejected.

Joe Glenton was jailed for nine months earlier this year after publicly staging a one-man rebellion against the war in Afghanistan

Joe family told Minster FM "he wasn't surprised by today's decision as he says oridinary soldiers are treated like cannon-foder".

Joe's Appeal Lawyer, John Tipple, also told us; the courts didn't take Joe's Post Trumatic Stress Disorder seriously, referring to it as "mild."

He says they're now planning a massive welcome home party for Joe when he's released, hopefully in July, referring to him as "a war hero".

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