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Concern for York Soldier

Concern for York Soldier

10:36am 12th April 2010
(Updated 5:41am 13th April 2010)

Concern is growing for the York soldier locked up for refusing to return to fight in Afghanistan.

Joe Glenton, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment earlier this year and his legal team and family are concerned for his welfare. They claim the prison authorities are trying to force him to sleep under an unwashed or dirty blanket,  a punishment that often leads prisoners to get body lice,  and to wear boots despite the fact he has broken his toe.

He has also received no treatment for his Post Traumatic Stress disorder despite the fact that the Judge who sentenced him 36 days ago assured the court he would receive treatment in prison.

Joe's mother Sue Glenton said today: "We are seriously concerned for his welfare. This kind of bullying and victimisation is simply unacceptable. It is hardly going to help his mental state."

John Tipple, Joe's legal caseworker, said: "This kind of treatment is from the 19th century not the 21st. We are determined to test its legality in court at the first opportunity. The military should not be allowed to get away with this cruel and degrading treatment."

Joe's appeal hearing against his prison sentence is next week on Wednesday 21 April.

Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year
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