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20mph zones appear to have had little impact.

Alness Drive 20mph 1

12:29pm 31st March 2015
(Updated 12:32pm 31st March 2015)

A Freedom of information request has revealed that vehicle speeds are the same or worse since controversial widespread 20 mph limits were introduced in York.

Labour claimed that the lower limits would reduce accidents but the Liberal Democrats, who made the FOI request say In reality, 17 accidents have occurred on roads with a 20 mph limit between March 2014 and December 2014. Two of the accidents were serious and occurred in "signed only" 20 mph streets

Labour says that new limits take time to bed down and continue to support the use of them which was a key policy pledge five years ago. In total the Council has spent around £600,000 implementing the new speed limits.

The Council has provided "before and after" speed figures for 10 roads in west York. In most of the roads, mean speeds have remained unchanged.
However in 3 streets Alness Drive  (Pictured) , Almsford Road and Wheatlands Grove speeds have actually increased since the new limits were imposed.

Residents in Alness Drive told Minster FM they had noticed many people still drove at well over 20 pmh. While there was support for speed restrictions, they were not sure that this policy had achieved that much. One woman pointed to the lack of a 20 mph limit by the pub and shops. She said this was where it was needed most.

Alness Drive

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