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'C Word' back up for discussion in York

'C Word' back up for discussion in York

7:28am 2nd March 2010
(Updated 3:16pm 3rd March 2010)

How to solve the problem of congestion in York thats the million dollar question.

Council chiefs will discuss the future of transport in the City later.Traffic levels in York are expected to grow by 28% by 2021, according to the council.

Improvements to roads, public transport and cycle routes are being planned to combat the problem. The options range in in cost from £97m to £244m, include schemes to encourage people to use public transport, walk or cycle, as well as the possibility of paying to drive into the city centre.

Supporters of the charge say it will stop people using their cars unless they have to. In addition they say we can not afford to dual the A1237 without the charge.

Critics argue it will drive shoppers out of the city centre.

At the moment thousands of households in the city are being asked what they want to happen.

Here is a selection of what you've told us this morning:

* They should make public transport cheaper for families as it costs a blumming fortune and is cheaper to drive and park in town.
* Make it easier to drive when we are ment to be cutting down on journeys to save the environment Rob Selby
* Why don't they stop spending money on cyclists in york especially on clifton bridge where they still insist on riding on the road,and now on the cycle hub ? In york wats all that about. Put that money towards the 1237 ta lewis
* I have to work & pay income tax, fuel duty etc. Charging me to use my car to get to work is scandalous. Less   in my pocket, less to spend in the local economy, d'oh! Stop punishing us!
* Its the same story, council did not look into the future . It was only logical that there would be more and more cars on the road over the year s they built it! When they were we lived in haxby then and i remember my dad writing to council pointing out this very point. Sharon now living in stamfo rd 'pothole' bridge  
* You only need to get on the Park and Ride on a Saturday toknow that stopping people driving into the centre won't stop the shoppers. -Rich in Fulford
* Congestion charge is an unfair tax. Wealthy? Go where u like when u like, poor sorry restricted movement for u. What kind of society do we want??

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