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Four More Temp York Council Bosses on Hundreds of Pounds a Day But Chief Exec Defends Costs

Kersten England

6:01am 30th June 2014
(Updated 10:05am 30th June 2014)

Minster FM can reveal details of four more temporary bosses at York Council who are being paid hundreds of pounds a day, as the authority's Chief Executive defends the costs.

It comes after our report on Friday, which revealed three other temporary senior managers were being paid more than £700 a day.

The details of the four new appointments we can reveal are:

  • In October 2013, a Health and Adult Social Care Transformation Lead was appointed on less than £600 a day.
  • Since April 2014, an Adult Social Care Transformation Support Officer was appointed on £450 a day. This temporary boss no longer works at the council. But the council does currently have an official supporting the transformation work on £375 a day.
  • Since April 2014, an Interim Public Health Consultant was appointed on more than £600 a day.
  • Since April 2014, a Strategic Information Specialist was appointed at more than £400 a day.

The city council has confirmed that the appointments were made without any direct involvement of elected councillors or cabinet members. The council adds that there are no employer costs for Tax, NI, pension or sick pay.  The authority adds they will only be paid for days that they work, so if they are absent for any reason the amount would reduce further.

For the first two jobs, in the Transformation department, the council says it has to pay interim staff as the programme needs specialist staff with expertise in certain areas for short periods.

The second two jobs are in the Public Health department, where there are currently 25 Public Health consultant posts vacant UK-wide out of 152. The council says the shortage of skilled people in this area means it had to appoint a temporary boss to meet it's legal obligations and it is currently recruiting for permanent staff member, who will be paid between £60,000-£100,000. The council adds one of the posts was already vacant when it took over responsibility for public health from the NHS.

This April, in the council's Public Health department, one person was given £48,193.20 in payment in lieu of notice and an Interim Public Health Consultant was appointed on more than £600 a day. It's not clear if this is linked to the same role, but Chief Executive Kersten England gave this response to those figures:


Kersten England also defended the recent appointments of several top temporary bosses on high daily salaries. She told Minster FM:

"I understand the concern about this. It's a lot money. What I would say is, this is the market rate for these jobs. All the councils around us, both the county and unitary councils around us, it's exactly the same in all of them. They are using interims that cost about this amount of money."

"It is a lot of money, I have to justify it, I have to make sure that it makes a difference. It provides the quality of leadership to these critical functions and let's just remember this is a half billion pound business, providing services every day to 205,000 people, making life and death functions, particularly in this function that we're talking about [adult social care] and it's essential that we get the best skills for the job."

You can hear part one of Kersten England's interview with Minster FM's Kevin Larkin about the cost of temporary bosses at York Council below.


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