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Meeting Tonight on Plans for 1,500 Possible New Homes in Haxby & Wigginton


12:30pm 25th June 2014
(Updated 12:45pm 25th June 2014)

A meeting is being held tonight to discuss proposals which could see 1,500 homes built north of Haxby and Wigginton as part of York's Local Plan.

York Council is taking views over the next five weeks on changes to the Local Plan, which will set out how York will develop until 2030. The council says consultation events on the proposed homes which are being organised by the developers and it is not involved with those meetings or tonight's event.

Opposition Lib Dem councillor for Haxby & Wigginton Ian Cuthbertson has organised tonight's meeting, at the Haxby & Wigginton Methodist Church. He's accusing the Labour council of only giving a limited chance for people in the city to share their opinions saying:

“It is hugely disappointing to see that Labour is only running a very limited consultation on their latest proposals despite the huge impact they will have on the communities of Haxby and Wigginton and the significant changes in the plans since last year. Martin and I have arranged this public meeting to ensure that the voice of the local community is heard.”

Local campaigner Martin Lewis Crosby is organising the meeting with the Liberal Democrats, he said:

“Under Labour’s revised proposals Haxby and Wigginton is earmarked for even more housing. Residents are deeply concerned over the impact 1500 houses would have on local infrastructure such as roads and schools as well as the loss of the local Green Belt. Our meeting will allow residents to view the plans, ask questions, and agree the best response to York Council’s proposals and the current consultation.

But the Labour council's cabinet member in charge of planning, Dave Merrett, has hit back. He accuses the Liberal Democrats of not wanting to provide homes to the next generation of people growing up in York. He told Minster FM:

“The current engagement is specifically focused on a limited number of new and amended potential development sites that have been put forward by landowners and developers, and which the Council needs to hear the public’s views on.  

“A series of briefing meetings with affected Parish Council representatives and Ward Councillors are in progress and remaining public exhibitions are at Monks Cross Shopping Park – Car Park Thursday 26 June from 2.30pm to 7.30pm and in the City Centre – Parliament Street on Wednesday 2 July from 10am to 4pm, with documents also in public libraries or available on the Council website.

“This precedes a final engagement city-wide on a revised version of the draft plan taking into account this and the previous citywide engagement, when everyone will again be able to make their views known, including on issues such as whether we make plans to house the next generation of York residents or whether to send a signal like the Lib Dems that if they want a home, that they go and live somewhere else”.

Tonight's meeting takes place at the Haxby & Wiggington Methodist Church tonight at 7pm.

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