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York's Monk Stray Tour de France Spectator Hub Moving to Huntington Stadium


2:06pm 6th June 2014
(Updated 2:55pm 6th June 2014)

The planned spectator hub for Monk Stray in York for the Tour de France is moving to the Huntington Stadium.

It comes after the plans for the stray were abandoned at the last minute yesterday after local concerns and the ground being too wet.

Sonja Crisp, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism, said: “Plans to accommodate residents and visitors, supporting the sporting legacy of the Tour in York, listening and responding to local people as well as to the prevailing weather conditions have all been factored into this decision to relocate the spectator hub. Coupled with the concert at the stadium, we’re setting up an exceptional hub offer for a fantastic long weekend of high quality sporting action and entertainment”

Sally Burns, Director of Communities and Neighbourhoods, said: “The stadium’s existing facilities, the benefits to the community, sport in the city and the environment are considerable. We’re very pleased with this option which allows a very smooth transfer of our plans, with the full backing of TdF management.”

Opposition councillors spoke to Minster FM this morning about their concerns over the management of the event saying it had been. But Sonja Crisp has accused opposition Lib Dems and Conservatives of using the Tour de France as a political football. She told Minster FM:

"We've been praised by the organisers as being ahead of the game in York. With all major events such as this, with so many partners and agencies involved, there are bound to throw up issues, and this one has and problems outside of our control. When that's happened we've managed them in a safe and responsible way."

"You have to realise these accusations have come from a Liberal Democrat councillor, who's using this issue as a political platform. This isn't a political issue and it's inappropriate for them to use this wonderful event in such a manner.  And as for the Conservatives, they do have a clear tendancy to jump on to passing bandwagons and clearly this one was too tempting. We've also got to remember too that we've got a Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance here in York and both groups, like sheep, just follow each other."

"It's just so unfortunate because this is for the whole city to enjoy, no matter what political affiliation you are. No matter what political group you support or not. This event is a once in a lifetime event."

You can hear the full interview between Sonja Crisp and Minster FM's Kevin Larkin below:






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