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Trial Finds New Ways to Tackle Junk Mail in York


6:01am 4th June 2014

A trial to cut the level of junk mail in York has been so successful that the amount of paper being recycled has fallen, as less of it is being sent in the first place.

The average home gets 650 pieces of junk mail a year, which costs the planet 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water and 390 tonnes of oil per tonne of junk mail.

The experiment by the city council involved around six hundred homes in the Kingsway North area of Clifton trying various ways to improve recycling and reduce waste.

77% of homes in the area were getting junk mail and had not signed up to the Mail Preference Service, which takes you off direct mailing lists and has been found to reduce levels of junk mail. You can sign up to the Mail Preference Service by heading to their website and inserting your postcode.

York Council also produced a sticker for homes in the test area saying they did not wish to receive junk mail, which you can download by clicking this link.

The council says there was a lot of interest from people in the idea and that overall paper recycling levels actually fell, as far less paper was being sent to people's homes. Geoff Derham from York Council explains more:


Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year
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