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People in Pocklington Being Told to Watch Out For Wasps

wasp nest

5:29am 29th May 2014

Last year, the council received 1,000 reports of wasp nests, most often in house airbricks, fascias, bird nest boxes and lofts.

Wasps start nesting in April but it is usually early June before people start noticing the large amount of activity around the nest site.

 Paul Abbott, the council’s group manager for public protection service, said: “Anyone trying to treat the nest themselves should know that angry wasps will attack in great numbers and someone stung many times could go into anaphylactic shock.

“We always advise people not to try and deal with nests themselves unless they are confident that they can do it correctly.”

Signs of wasp nests close by include wood stripped from fence panels and shed walls. The early attack looks like small dots but once the wasps get going they can strip an area of several inches long, going with the wood grain. The wood is mixed with saliva by the queen wasp to build a new nest every year.

The wasps will forage around outside the nest site collecting high protein food to feed their larvae. The larvae quickly grow into wasps and the nest increases in size.

Those needing a wasp nest treatment should call the council’s pest control team on (01482) 396301. There is a charge of £41 discounted to £30.75 for those on certain benefits.


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