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Department of Transport Says Not It's Job to Police Lendal Bridge & Coppergate Signs

Lendal Bridge Sign

5:05pm 8th April 2014

The Department of Transport says it's not it's job to police the Lendal Bridge and Coppergate signs in York.

It's after a traffic judge criticised the signs at both locations in a ruling last week.

The city council then said it would be speaking to the government after it was told by the Department of Transport the signs were okay.

But the department's hit back, saying it's the council's job to police the signs, in a statement the Department of Transport said:

“The Department provides clear guidelines to local councils to help them produce signs that comply with the regulations and inform motorists about the restrictions in place on their roads. The legality of traffic signs and road markings is a matter for the courts or parking adjudicators. It is not for central government to police traffic signs. This role rightly falls to elected local politicians who are accountable to their residents and communities.”

That's despite council leader James Alexander saying last week:

“Therefore despite assurances from the Department for Transport on signage, traffic restrictions being in place along Coppergate since the late 1960s and the Lendal Bridge trial mirroring other restrictions around the country, and in light of new information from the Traffic Adjudicator, I have written to the Chief Executive confirming my request for an internal review of both the Lendal Bridge trial and enforcement of the Coppergate traffic restriction”.

And before that council officer Darren Richardson said:

Darren Richardson, Director at City of York Council, said: "City of York Council is seeking independent legal advice in relation to the adjudicator’s decision on this specific appeal. We will also be speaking to the Department for Transport, who approved signage used for both schemes."

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