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RESPONSE: York Council Seeking Legal Advice over Lendal Bridge and Coppergate Report

Lendal Fine 2 260214

1:57pm 1st April 2014
(Updated 3:29pm 1st April 2014)

York Council has broken it's silence after Minster FM exclusively revealed the Traffic Adjudicator said cameras could not be used to issue fines as neither road could be counted as a bus lane due to the 14 exemptions for other vehicles on Coppergate and the 21 exemptions for other vehicles on Lendal Bridge.

Darren Richardson, Director at City of York Council, said:

“City of York Council is seeking independent legal advice in relation to the adjudicator’s decision on this specific appeal. We will also be speaking to the Department for Transport, who approved signage used for both schemes."
“The restrictions will remain in place on Lendal Bridge and Coppergate and we would urge drivers to continue to adhere to these."
“We know that a number of councils nationally will be concerned about this decision and the implications this may have in their area.”

Darren Richardson from York Council gave his first interview since the Minster FM exclusive to our News Editor Kevin Larkin, beginning with reading the above statement:


It would be an extremely unusual step for the council to appeal the decision. In the Frequently Asked Question section of the Traffic Penalty Tribunal website it states (on the subject of appealing an adjudicator's decision).

"The grounds for review on which an Adjudicator's decision may be challenged and reviewed are few and such instances are extremely rare."

"Either party must apply for a review in writing within 14 days of the Adjudicator's decision. The application must identify the ground relied on and the reasons for applying for review."

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