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Pedestrian Is King in York City Centre Transport Shake Up


4:42pm 31st March 2014

The pedestrian will have priority in a planned shake up of York city centre transport policies.

As part of the £3.3 million project to bring in more people to the city centre, an analysis was carried out of how people walk around the city centre. It's hoped it will bring more shoppers and tourists into York.

New rules will also be brought in to control benches, street performers, advertising board and the kinds of materials which can be used on roads in the city.

The city council says it builds on work it is already doing to reduce the number of street signs in York, which has been praised by Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin.

The plans will be discussed at a meeting tonight.

Sir Ron Cooke, Chair of Reinvigorate York, said: “York’s most valuable asset is its outstanding, internationally important heritage. The quality of the streetscape in the city centre is an essential ingredient of this resource. The city centre attracts over 7-million visitors a year, multitudes of local and distant shoppers, and over a quarter of the working population uses it daily. It is one of the main ways the city attracts entrepreneurs, investors, employees and students. Its future vitality depends substantially on how it is used, cherished and maintained.”

Cllr Dave Merrett, Cabinet Member for Planning, Transport and Sustainability, said: “Our Reinvigorate York initiative is designed to make the most of York’s tremendous heritage and strengthen the city centre economy, recognising that we have inherited in places a less than perfect streetscape, with deteriorated surfaces, poor utility rein statements, a rather incongruous mix of materials, street furniture and accumulated signage.

“This is the city’s proposal for ensuring the quality of our diverse streets and spaces is well managed and provides a lasting legacy. It will be an indispensable baseline for future work in the city, not just by ourselves, but also by the public utilities when they dig up our roads and paved areas, and by developers and planning applicants for which the design and character of the street provides the setting for their buildings. Whilst the current strategy has particular links to our current Reinvigorate York programme in the city centre, the coverage will be expanded further to address more fully the whole urban area.”

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