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£4,325.61 A Mile Cost of York 20mph Suburban Roll Out


11:22am 4th March 2014

York's 20mph rollout has cost £237,908.61 so far to roll out the scheme to 55 miles of road in York.

The costs include signage, labour costs, engineering costs and project planning, so while the total cost will rise as more of the eventual 3,566 20mph and 30mph signs are brought in, the cost per mile will fall.

So far around 11 miles have been made 20mph zones in South Bank and 44 miles in the west of York. But the city council does not yet know how many miles in total the scheme will cover as the project for the north and east of York has not been finalised.

York Council did insist, in response to the Freedom of Information request, that it did expect the entire 20mph suburban roll out to come in under-budget. But added that the council did not know how much it would cost to maintain the signs.

The money has come from the council's Local Transport Plan with government grant funding used for the majority of the scheme with £1,000 from the Micklegate Ward Committee together with additional contributions to the marketing side from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Responding to the request, Tony Clarke from York Council stated that under government rules they are required to install them approximately every 150 metres. Referring to the scheme as a whole he stated:

There is clear evidence of the effect of reducing traffic speeds on the reduction of collisions and casualties, as collision frequency is lower at lower speeds; and where collisions do occur, there is a lower risk of fatal injury at lower speeds. Research shows that on urban roads with low average traffic speeds any 1 mph reduction in average speed can reduce the collision frequency by around 6% (Taylor, Lynam and Baruya, 2000). There is also clear evidence confirming the greater chance of survival of pedestrians in collisions at lower speeds. Officers are delivering Council policy to provide 20mph speed limits in residential areas in line with national guidance.

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