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Minster FM Lendal Bridge Debate: Fine Cash Could Be Spent on Ending Traffic Light Delays


6:47am 26th February 2014

Some of the £600,000 raised in fines from York's controversial Lendal Bridge trial could be spent on cutting delays faced by drivers from traffic lights in the city.

Dave Merrett from the city council told Minster FM's Lendal Bridge debate it's one of the options being considered.

It means that traffic lights in the city would be linked up so drivers would not go through a green light, just to hit a red light at the next set of traffic lights.

While the scheme would benefit all road users, Dave Merrett added that the council "recognised that the people who have made the mistakes are paying for this" but said all the cash could not go on schemes to benefit drivers as the first use of the money would be to pay for the costs of running the trial.

To mark the six month point of the trial, Minster FM held a debate allowing key opinion formers representing tourists, businesses, drivers and bus users to share their views with the city council, as well as putting questions from Minster FM listeners.

Ben Gilligan, the Managing Director of First Bus in York, welcomed the announcement in the debate saying it would also benefit bus passengers.

You can hear more from Minster FM's Lendal Bridge debate on air on 104.7 FM and online today and tomorrow.

Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year
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