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North Yorkshire Council Passes £21 A Year Tax Rise

North Yorkshire County Council

7:49am 19th February 2014
(Updated 12:31pm 19th February 2014)

Plans to put up council tax in North Yorkshire by £21 a year have been approved.

It's the maximum of 1.99% the government allows it to increase tax before putting it to a public vote. The county council has already had to cut £170 million or 34% of it's budget since 2011 and has already cut £94 million from what it spends.

Libraries, children's centres and rubbish tips are now at risk as North Yorkshire County Council sets out the cuts in it's budget, which was passed by county councillors earlier.

The council says it is also being hit by rising costs of caring for an increasingly elderly population and dealing with a 75% rise in child protection cases.

It says it has prioritised back office savings which don't affect services but this year the cuts may begin to bite.

  • LIBRARIES - More would be owned and run by volunteers, if that doesn't happen some could close.
  • CHILDREN'S CENTRES - A review will look at children's services across North Yorkshire but the council predicts some children's centres will close.
  • RUBBISH TIPS - More charges look likely, they could also be sold off to private firms but again there are warnings some could close.
  • WINTER GRITTING - £750,000 is likely to be cut but the council says this will be from back office roles and not affect the service to the county.
  • JOB LOSSES - The council is warning of more job losses but have not provided details.

Chief Executive Richard Flinton said "The scale of the reduction is unprecedented in the life of the County Council, and in modern local government as a whole,"

“Whilst savings to date have largely protected the frontline, the next stage will require radically different ways of working.’  The council is already preparing plans to deal with austerity measures which are likely to continue at least until the end of the decade.  The programme – “2020 North Yorkshire” -  envisages a smaller council, more flexible and agile, enabling and supporting others, particularly within local communities, to deliver for themselves, and providing strong leadership on issues which are important to the people of North Yorkshire."

But the council will also spend £5 million on the county's roads, more on supported housing for elderly people and more to roll out superfast broadband to the county.


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