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York Woman Sentenced After Admitting Neglecting Snakes and Dog

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7:51am 31st January 2014

A York woman has been given a community sentence after nine charges of neglecting animals including fourteen snakes and a dog.

64 year old Pauline Wallace of Osbaldwick Lane admitted the charges at a hearing in November and was sentenced by York magistrates yesterday.

Pauline Wallace was was sentenced to a 12 month community supervision order, costs of £250 and a 12 month ban on keeping snakes. She now has 21 days to rehome what she says are 14 snakes she has at home. A deprivation order was made for the dog Alf so the charity can now rehome him.

RSPCA inspector Heidi Cleaver said in a statement:
"These snakes suffered a great deal as a result of the way they were kept by Pauline Wallace."
"Most of the snakes were living in plastic boxes stacked on top of each other in a bedroom and the garage which clearly weren't being tended to as regularly as they should have been. It was obvious that she had far too many to be able to look after."
"Snakes were dead and dying in many of the boxes, which were absolutely filthy. Some of them were literally maggot infested."
"Alf the dog was in a poor state, with a really bad case of flea allergic dermatitis which had resulted in a great deal of hair loss. She was given the chance to take him to a vet but she didn't do so. He's like a different dog now and I'm so happy that we'll now be able to find him a great new home."
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