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Pocklington MP Says "Pets Aren't Just for Christmas"

Greg Knight 231013

4:45pm 18th December 2013

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is urging parents not to buy a pet this Christmas before considering the responsibility and long-term commitment involved.

Sir Greg said: “The abandoning of pets has become an increasingly serious problem across the UK with figures rising 40% since 2010. Most of this occurs as the Christmas excitement fades away and children move on to new interests, leaving some parents to care for the pet but in a regrettable number of cases, even the parents lose interest.”

The cost of pets is a leading contributor to the recent rise and Sir Greg has warned potential pet owners that “the average lifetime cost of owning a cat or dog is estimated to be over £17,000. It is therefore essential to consider the food, veterinary and grooming costs associated with pets before purchase.”

Sir Greg adds: “During this festive period some parents may feel pressured to get a playful pet for their children. I hope that they think twice and consider the big responsibility involved.”

Sir Greg hopes that commonsense will help curb the latest trend and bring the number of stray pets down.

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