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A Dog Isn't Just For Christmas, Warns East Riding Council

Dog in snow

4:02am 15th December 2013

Dogs bring joy to many people - it's a fact we can't ignore.

But while a cute, cuddly puppy might seem like the perfect gift for a loved one, a lot of us don’t look any further than Christmas Day.

If you’ve never owned one, it’s difficult to imagine how much a puppy needs to eat...the destruction it could cause...and the attention it cries for at all hours of the day. All of this can become wearing very quickly, if you’re not prepared for it.

The New Year is the busiest time for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's dog wardens. They spend weeks collecting stray dogs and pups that have been dumped by their owners just after Christmas.

A lot of the animals they find are ill, under nourished, and inevitably end up in rescue centres.

Their advice is simple. If you’d like to become a dog owner, do your research first. Don’t assume it’ll be easy. Make sure children understand what you can and can’t expect from an animal. And, most importantly, buy from a reliable breeder.

Tina Holtby, from the council, says: “Don’t buy a pup from the back of a car in a car park.

“You need to see a pup with its mother to see how it interacts with her, and that it’s settled in its own home before you take it into yours.”

Good breeders should have the dog’s proper documents – Kennel Club registration, vaccination cards, and advice about feeding, worming and flea treatment. Buyers should check the breeder’s registration details too, and are advised to be wary of the phrase “8 weeks old and ready to go.”

If you have information about unlicensed dog breeders, contact the council’s licensing team on 01482 396296, or 01482 396297.

Stray dogs can be reported to the council’s dog wardens, on 01482 887700.



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