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City's welfare system could be preventing EU immigrants claiming benefit entitlements

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11:13am 30th November 2013
(Updated 11:41am 30th November 2013)

York's EU immigrants may not be receiving the benefits they've contributed to, according to an academic in the city.

Despite coverage of benefit scroungers in the press, Dr Charlotte O'Brien of the York Law School, says many genuine workers aren't receiving the money they've earnt. She claims many are being used as "scape goats" and are in fact paying into the system without being given fair entitlement to what they are owed.

O'Brien thinks one of the main reasons for this is that the current system is not user friendly making it difficult for those not knowlegable about law to find the correct advice and support.

A study has been commissioned to try and discover the exact obstacles that prevent non-nationals receiving their welfare. It's also hoped the findings with help UK residents receive the correct benefits after returning to the UK from working abroad.



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