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Selby Council Asks People to Send Back Voting Registration Forms


5:14pm 29th November 2013

Selby District Council is asking anyone who has not confirmed their details for the electoral roll to do so as soon as possible, as the authority now faces the prospect of having to send out people to visit all the homes from which there has been no return.

Selby District Council has a legal duty to collect this information, so must make every effort to get the details from each and every home in the area.  And for those that have not confirmed their details by post, online, by calling the authority or via SMS text, that means the Council must incur expenses and now pay for someone to go to their doorstep and collect the information face to face.

Last year this process cost the Council over £6,000, with an additional £1,500 spent on sending out written reminders sent before the face-to-face visits started.  With over 8,000 households in the district having not returned details this year, the Council faces a similar cost again which we need to prevent happening this time.

Registration Officer for the area and new Chief Executive of Selby District Council, Mary Weastell, said, "We must, by law, try to obtain these details from households in our district.  Thank you to the vast majority of people who have completed their electoral roll forms and returned details to us, but some have not and ultimately that costs everyone money.

"As you'll know, councils have facing significant reductions in funding, so any additional cost incurred by having to chase up these forms does have an impact and does matter.

"Giving your details is easy.  You can return your form by post, you can call us, you can confirm details online or via a text message.  Details of how to do this are on the forms you will have received."

The Council starts its annual survey of registered voters at the end of each summer, to ensure it has the correct details for anyone who has moved home or is new to the area.  This ensures that people are able to vote.  Forms issued have the name of those registered at a particular address already included, to make it even easier to register if there has been no change.  You can also enter the details of anyone living in the home who is aged 16 or 17, to ensure that their details are added automatically once they turn 18 and are eligible to vote.

Anyone who has not returned details and cannot find their form should contact the Council on (01757) 705101 or more details can be found online: www.aboutmyvote.co.uk

Selby District Council has responsibility for administering all elections for its residents, not just those for its own councillors.

Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year
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