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Selby Woman Jailed for Conning Mum with Alzheimers Out of £63,000


3:53pm 29th November 2013

A Selby woman's been jailed for 18 months after admitting conning £63,000 out of her elderly mum, who had Alzheimer’s.

Jennifer Bailey was supposed to use the money to pay for her mum Mable's care home costs, instead police say she spent it on foreign holidays and shopping sprees.

The 59-year-old admitted charges of obtaining money by theft and fraud by abuse of position.

81 year old Mable Shaw had two children, a son and a daughter. Both children had joint power of attorney after their mum was placed in a nursing home. Jennifer took responsibility for paying the home, whilst Nigel dealt with other matters.

In 2009 the Beverley nursing home Mrs Shaw was living at, contacted her son Nigel Shaw saying they were having trouble getting hold of Jennifer and that their mums money had ‘ran out’.

Nigel made enquiries and was dismayed to find out that his mother's money had indeed run out, although there should have been ample amounts left over from the sale of his mothers house a couple of years earlier to keep her cared for, for the rest of her days. 

Nigel had no choice but to report this to the police, he told Minster FM of his shock at his sister's deception.


Mrs Shaw died in January 2010 but the enquiry continued.

Detective Constable Krista Wood, from Beverley CID, said: ”Production orders for several of Mrs Shaw's bank accounts and conveyencing files from the sale of her house took months to come through, eventually when all the files were ready I went through all of the accounts with a fine toothed comb and followed the money through various accounts in bits and bobs to see where it had gone. 

“It transpired that the money had been spent over a period of several years by Jennifer who was using it to fund her own lifestyle, shopping, days out, spending money for foreign holidays and so on. This continued until the money was gone. 

“The amounts added up to a total of £63,000 which was missing from Mrs Shaw's accounts, having been spent by her daughter Jennifer.

“Jennifer Bailey was interviewed originally in 2010 and refused to cooperate with the investigation. After all the evidence had been gathered, I re-interviewed Mrs Bailey and the fresh evidence of the bank accounts and spending sprees put to her.  She again did not cooperate during the interview. 

“Mrs Bailey was reported for summons and the Crown Prosecution Service made the decision to summon her for the offences of Theft and Fraud by abuse of position.

“Jennifer attended Hull Crown Court in October and at her first hearing pleaded guilty to all charges and the case has been deferred for pre-sentence reports.

“Nigel Shaw, the complainant, and brother of the defendant, is overjoyed at this outcome as all he ever wanted was to get to the truth.  Nigel is also out of pocket having been defrauded out of his potential inheritance from his mother's estate, but this was not the primary driver in him making this report to the police. 

“He had trusted Jennifer to take care of paying the nursing home for the care of their mother and she let his mother down. Jennifer’s last transaction was 11th January 2010, the day her mother passed away and she withdrew £22,000, leaving nothing in her mother’s bank account to even cover her funeral.”

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