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Former North Yorkshire Police Bosses Asked to Pay Back £100,000

Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell

12:01am 26th November 2013

Two former top North Yorkshire Police officers will be asked to pay back £99,866 of allowances.

Former chief constable Grahame Maxwell and his former deputy Adam Briggs were paid the money over six years.

Adam Briggs retired from the force in 2011 and Grahame Maxwell retired the next year.

A review by current Chief Constable Dave Jones and Police Commissioner Julia Mulligan has found they should not have been paid the cash by the old Police Authority.

The review states the payments were not within it's legal power, although the review accepts members of the Authority acted in good faith.

Jane Kenyon is the former Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority and gave this statement to Minster FM.


In a joint statement, Julia Mulligan and Dave Jones said:

“This Report was commissioned as a consequence of public concern locally about payments made to former Chief Officers.  We have decided to take a series of actions, including seeking repayment of almost £100,000, to resolve this issue once and for all.

Once the Report has been published, it will be the first time North Yorkshire Police will have published a Report of this nature, and is in stark contrast to the old way of doing business and keeping Reports like these under lock and key”.

“It is an example of how committed we are to transparency and openness.”

The Chief Constable and Commissioner have agreed seven points of action to follow up next:

  • Write to the officers asking for more information and/or asking for the money back.
  • Talk to lawyers urgently to ask about getting the money back through the courts.
  • More investigations into rented accommodation for Grahame Maxwell and a search for missing personnel files.
  • Police payments not to be used to pay for legal action by chief officers against North Yorkshire Police.
  • Future national rules on chief police officer behaviour be monitored and reviewed.
  • Auditors be informed of the decision to ask for the money back and given details of the review.
  • The next steps to be discussed at the Executive Board meeting on 3rd December.
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