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Council Denies Up to £1.4 Million Raised from Lendal Bridge and Coppergate Fines in York

Lendal Bridge

2:34pm 19th November 2013
(Updated 3:47pm 19th November 2013)

York Council is denying up to £1,431,360 has been raised from fines on drivers since September on Coppergate in York and on the Lendal Bridge trial in the city.

The city council has published it's latest figures from the six month trial. It's part of six months of evidence gathering to decide if the city council should make the trial permanent but restrictions on the bridge are set to remain in place until a final decision is taken in April or May.

20,455 fines of up to £60 were issued to drivers crossing Lendal Bridge and 3,401 issued to drivers going through Coppergate.

The city council points out that some drivers will be able to appeal and that if the fine is paid early it is lowered to £30 so the final total raised is expected to be lower. It estimates that "less than half" the £1.4 million estimate, taken by multiplying the total number of fines by the full £60 charge, will be raised. The city council adds the "vast majority" of drivers are paying the lower £30 fine, but could not provide any figures to allow the estimates to be re-calculated. It also adds 25% of the money raised goes to the contractors and camera operators.

Darren Richardson, Director of City & Environmental, told Minster FM: “Based on the current level of contraventions, by the of the trial the actual Penalty Charge Notices paid would be approximately £600k, which is ringfenced for Highways and Transport.”

Four out of five park and ride routes (2, 7, 8 and 9) being measured took longer on average to get around the city last month than in October 2012 but the number 3 to Askham Bar saw journey times improve. The city council says there are no "significant increases" in travel time and some routes have changed since 2012, particularly the number 7.

The city council says as a whole there's been little change in traffic levels but traffic numbers on Clifton Bridge and Foss Islands Road are continuing to rise with levels up by 13% and 9% in October compared to October 2012. The A1237 bridge, Leeman Road, Tadcaster Road, Hull Road, Boroughbridge Road and Malton Road have seen small falls in traffic while there have been small increases on Fulford Road and Shipton Road.

The city council says in it's report that traffic patterns are still settling down since the Lendal Bridge trial was brought in in August and more people are obeying the rules and changing the time of day they travel.

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