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Minster FM Raises Concerns About Forced Digital Radio Switchover

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8:21am 13th November 2013

Minster FM, the North Yorkshire based local commercial radio station has raised concerns about a possible forced switchover on to DAB digital radio.

The station’s owners, the UKRD group, have joined with 80 other local radio stations across the country[i] in their opposition to forcing people to buy a digital radio, which can be three times more expensive than an FM set[ii].

Fears have also been raised some people could be left without a local radio service at all, as while 98% of homes across the country can pick up FM only 72% can get DAB signals.[iii] It’s estimated only 3-5% of cars have a DAB receiver while 21% of all radio listening is in a car, which could leave motorists having to pay to upgrade their car stereo.[iv]

Kevin Larkin, News Editor at Minster FM said:

“This is a matter of choice, we want our 71,000[v] listeners to decide for themselves when or if to buy a DAB radio and not be left with a potential bill of up to £500 per household[vi]. We do not believe the government should force people into making a switch.”

“Similarly, as a business, we want the choice to decide when or if to go on to DAB when it is in the best interests of our listeners and advertisers. We strongly value our local offering to people in our part of North Yorkshire and want to continue to offer that truly local service.”

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