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Lendal Bridge - City Of York Council Say Report Backs Trial

Lendal Bridge

7:23am 11th November 2013

York Council's claiming a new report shows why it's right to bring in the Lendal Bridge trial. The Campaign for Better Transport has welcomed improvements for people walking from the station to the city centre. It's report says high streets can benefit if those who arrive by train find it easy to get into town. The city council has widened pavements but says visitors are put off by traffic which was one reason for the Lendal Bridge trial.

The Chamber of Commerce, which is opposed to the trial car ban, is currently asking businesses for their views. To give your views to the Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce email: Contact susie.cawood@yourchamber.org.uk

City of York Council says a new report demonstrates UK high streets can benefit from improved links to rail stations.

The report echoes the council’s vision through its Reinvigorate York initiative, which aims to transform and unclog the corridor from the rail station to the shops and cultural attractions, complementing other public spaces in York, and boosting the economic development of the city centre.

The report by the Campaign for Better Transport report, called Fixing the link outlines how high streets across the UK could benefit economically by improving the arrival experience of people visiting by train.

Cllr Dave Merrett, Cabinet Member for Transport, Planning and Sustainability, said: "We have been investing in improving the link between the rail station and the city centre over a number of years.

"This has been achieved by enhancing the width of footways and improving the quality of the surfacing materials. Further improvements are hindered by the traffic levels in the area, particularly at the key junctions which have to be crossed to reach the city centre and the overall environment (noise, air quality and safety) for pedestrians is also poor due to the volume of traffic in the area.

"This is one of the reasons why we introduced the Lendal Bridge traffic trial, so we can expand on York’s footstreets and reprioritise traffic to create a much more attractive and thriving city centre for us all."

Stephen Joseph, CEO of Campaign for Better Transport, said: "Our research shows that cities that improve the links between their stations and town centres are likely to gain economically. The work York has done and is doing on their station area and its town centre link is in line with good practice, here and in other countries, and we look forward to working with the council on making current links even better".

To view a copy of the Campaign for Better Transport report visit http://www.transportworks.org/news/cbt-report-demonstrates-uk-high-streets-benefit-improved-links-train-stations

To find out more about the council’s Reinvigorate York scheme visit www.york.gov.uk/reinvigorateyork

To give your views to the Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce email: Contact susie.cawood@yourchamber.org.uk

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