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Huby Hit By Suspected Tornado

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12:23pm 26th October 2013
(Updated 12:31pm 26th October 2013)

Minster FM has received reports that the village of Huby, near York, has been hit by a huge thunder and lightning storm.

Tweets have suggested that the storm last night resembled a tornado - and lasted just a few minutes.

David Stephenson, who lives in the village, says: "It was a lot of thunder and lightning and heavy rain and then it sounded like an earthquake, just a big rumble.

"We didn't think anything about it, but when we came outside, it was obviously a lot more than that. We are talking a tornado or a similar kind of phenomenon."

He says the storm left a massive trail of destruction.

"It's come in and started bouncing off houses and it's taken tiles off and thrown them through people's own windows. And then it's gone out past the caravan site, lifted the caravans up, dropped branches on top of them, gone off through the woods and disappeared."

In a statement, the Met Office says, while it cannot definitely confirm the storm was a tornado, the atmospheric conditions in Huby last night were consistent with that, or another phenomena known as a squall, which can have a similar impact.



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