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Drivers in Pocklington, Market Weighton and Stamford Bridge Urged To Think Bike


6:01am 27th October 2013

Drivers in Pocklington, Market Weighton and Stamford Bridge are being urged to look out for motorcyclists as the latest phase of Safer Roads Humber’s Someone’s Son road safety campaign gets underway as the dark nights start to draw in.

The award-winning campaign has been running since 2010 and is aimed mainly at motorists to look out for those on two wheels. A new burst of radio adverts encourages motorists to drive considerately towards motorcyclists and to take extra care around junctions and roundabouts.

Motorcyclists make up only one per cent of traffic yet are involved in 21 per cent of injury crashes say Safer Roads Humber. The majority of crashes occur in urban areas, often in 30mph zones, around junctions and usually involve a bike and a car. The vast majority of rider casualties are male, who will be, by definition, someone’s son, husband or dad, say Safer Roads Humber.

Mick Harris, partnership manager for Safer Roads Humber, said: “There’s a clear issue around drivers seeing riders in traffic and we hope this campaign will encourage drivers to look out for bikes and reduce the number of crashes. As the dark nights start to draw in, it is important that drivers take extra care to look out for those on two wheels.

“We recognise it’s not just about the driver though, riders need to make sure they give drivers a chance to see them by riding in a safe manner and wearing high visibility clothing.

"One of the big advantages of riding a bike is the ability to get through traffic quicker than a car. As a keen motorcyclists myself, I'm very aware of taking extra care when overtaking. You need to plan your overtake before you commit to it and change what you do should circumstances alter.

“Always scan your eyes to the far, medium and near distances, looking for vehicles in the line of traffic changing path or speed. Scan the road, not just the vehicles, are there junctions, field entrances, car parks where a vehicle might turn into your path affecting your riding plan and your safety?

“Look at what the vehicle in front of you is doing, are they turning right? Are they checking their mirrors? Have they seen you?

“Your road position can also make it harder for you to see junctions to the left as your view can be blocked by vehicles in front of you. Courteous drivers might allow vehicles to turn onto the major road right in your path.

“Be prepared to slow down or stop which means travelling at an appropriate speed. Some drivers will move over for you but make your own mind up about whether it is safe to overtake.”

The Someone’s Son campaign doesn’t just concentrate on riders but also offers advice to drivers.

Mick said: “Always check your mirrors and your blind spots before you turn, shoulder checks are vital. Make sure you use your indicators so that other road users know what you intend to do.  Ask yourself could there be a rider trying to overtake you?

 “There are some aspects of rider behaviour that drivers don’t understand and the same is true about how some riders perceive the behaviour of drivers. Riders and drivers can download free guides from our website www.someones-son.co.uk to clear up some of the misconceptions these two road user groups have about one another.

 “Through this campaign we are hoping to remind drivers that riders are people just like them, trying to get to their destination safely. Our overriding message is to drive and ride safely and keep looking out for each other.”

A key part of the campaign is highlighting that riders are not unidentifiable humans hidden away under a crash helmet and riding gear but are people with family and friends who treasure them. 

The campaign uses the slogan “More than just a rider…someone’s son” and asks drivers to “check once, check twice, check for bikes.”

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