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DVLA Partly Blamed for Lack of Lendal Bridge Warning Letters

Lendal Bridge

6:01am 27th September 2013
(Updated 11:58am 27th September 2013)

York Council is partly blaming the DVLA for the lack of a "yellow card" system for first time offenders who break the Lendal Bridge trial car ban.

Responding to complaints from tourists who have been fined after crossing Lendal Bridge during the prohibited hours of 10.30am and 5pm, Visit York boss Gillian Cruddas told Minster FM a warning system for first time offenders should be looked at.

The "yellow card" system would see those who crossed the bridge sent a warning letter for a first offence and they would then be fined if they crossed the bridge during the car ban again.

The city council has said the “yellow card” system can’t be brought in because the DVLA changed it’s advice after fines had already been sent out and paid.

Originally, the council had been told it could not issue warning letters, this advice changed once the trial began.

City of York Council also adds the system could be complicated if there are differences between Lendal Bridge and Coppergate. It would also cost too much money to send out warning letters during the trial.

A DVLA spokesperson said “We are in discussions with York Council to resolve any confusion that may have arisen on the use of our data.”  

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