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A legal high or a high risk?

A legal high or a high risk?

12:36pm 14th January 2010
(Updated 5:40am 15th January 2010)

A teenager's collapsed after taking a so called 'legal high' at a school in North Yorkshire.

The 6th form student took the substance at Woldgate College in Pocklington.

It was on Tuesday that the teenage boy took the drug to get high; later that day he was rushed to York District Hospital.

The drug ,mephedrone, is more commonly called meow meow.

It's sold legally as plant feed, but it's illegal for human consumption.

Now this isn't the first time the drug meow meow's hit the headlines.

In November, 14 year old Gabrielle Price from West Sussex died after taking the substance.

She suffered a massive heart attack.

There are now calls for the law to be changed.

If you're stuggling with drug addiction or want some advice about this legal plant food that causing so much damage, you can call 0800 7316338.

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