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£11,000 Could Be Taken from Children's Services in York for Council Boss Pay Rise

York Council 010513

7:10am 5th August 2013
(Updated 5:48am 6th August 2013)

More than £11,000 could be taken from children's services in York to give a council boss a pay rise.

The authority wants to increase Assistant Director Eoin Rush's salary from £73,000 to around £84,000.

His work has been described as 'exemplary'.

Chief Executive Kersten England told Minster FM: “It is becoming evident that in particular instances, to attract and retain the talent we need to ensure we deliver the best services, we must be able to bring our employment package in line with current market values. Let me be clear that whilst this will be by exception rather than the rule, our senior officers are currently paid below the average rates for comparable posts elsewhere.

"Over the last four years we have reduced senior staff from 30 to 17 and their workloads and responsibilities have increased. We must have policies in place to allow us to be competitive when recruiting or in order to retain key staff members. The implementation of this policy will not however result any increase to the total senior staffing cost to the organisation.

“It is also right that we to move senior staff to a system of performance related pay – in the same way much of the private sector is already operating – so that progression is clearly linked with our ongoing commitment to improvement."

A decision whether to bring in a so-called Market Supplement will be taken later.

Council leader James Alexander's been defending the idea saying:

“All group leaders recognise York’s senior officers are among the lowest paid in local government and their jobs have increased in size. Therefore it is hard to recruit staff of caliber and to hold onto them. In September 2010 the Liberal Democrats with support from Councillor Gillies and the Conservatives increased the pay of assistant directors across the board, but not to a level that would resolve the issue. I think a blanket pay increase is wrong in these difficult times and therefore a cost neutral market rate supplement, paid for by reduction in holidays is far more preferable if only applied when there is a specific business case and a member of staff of caliber in question. Despite opposing the policy of a market rate supplement both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats argued in the very next agenda item in favour of why a member of staff should receive the outcome of the policy they had only just opposed. You couldn’t make it up.”

The same meeting will also look at plans to cut senior council bosses holiday from 34 days a year to 30, but this would rise to 35 days after five years service. Bosses would also be put on performance related pay.


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