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No Chance Of Drought This Summer - Say Yorkshire Water


6:57am 12th July 2013

Good news North Yorkshire, there's no chance of a drought this summer according to Yorkshire Water. It's pumping out an extra 100-million litres of water a day as we bake in the heat.

With demand for water surging as a result of the warm weather, Yorkshire Water is urging customers to be water-wise and only use what they need.

 The company, which typically provides its 5 million customers with around 1.3 billion litres of water day, has seen demand rise to closer to 1.4 billion litres as temperatures have soared.

 Whilst stocks remain relatively healthy for this time of year, the company is reiterating its year-round message to all of its customers to preserve what is a precious resource and only use what they need.

 It comes as latest figures show that the average British person uses 160 litres a day - 100 litres of water more, per day, than two generations ago.  It's also significantly more than in countries such    as Germany where daily individual consumption levels stand at 127 litres per day, say Yorkshire Water.

 They add that this, coupled with the fact that the region's population is forecast to grow by 1,000,000 people by 2030, means that pressure on Yorkshire's healthy water stocks is only likely to grow.

 Matt Thompson of Yorkshire Water said: "We would always urge our customers to be water-wise and only use what they need, regardless of the time of year.

"With all the hot weather we're currently experiencing, we've seen daily demand for water rise by millions of litres in the last seven days.

"To make it easier for customers to save water - and money - we're offering free water saving packs from our website,  yorkshirewater.com/savewater, as well as visiting cities and towns across the region over the next couple of months where we'll be giving away all manner of useful water saving gadgets, from gel crystals to mix in with your compost through to plant sticks which indicate when to     water your plants, and flush savers.

 "We'd like to reassure customers that we continue to work hard and invest in our vast underground network, with more than 500km of ageing water pipes replaced in the last three years alone, in order to better protect our water supplies."

 Yorkshire Water will be giving away water saving gadgets at the following locations over the summer.

  • 13 July - Briggate, Leeds
  • 19-20 July - Parliament Square, York
  • 3 August - Huddersfield City Centre
  • 4 August - Yorkshire Day, Skipton
  • 10 August - Halifax Agricultural Show
  • 17 August - Queen Victoria Centre, Hull
  • 21 August - Hornsea Freeport
  • 31 August - Fargate, Sheffield

At present the Metherall-Cook family from Sheffield are test driving a number of different water saving gadgets, including an Eco kettle and hand pump pressure washer, which can clean a 4 door saloon with under 10 litres of water. You can read all about exactly what they think of the devices on their blog: http://ywadventure.blogspot.co.uk/

Yorkshire Water say that just like the Metherall-Cooks, there are some very simple steps that people can take to help save water in their homes:

  • Turning the tap off when brushing teeth could save six litres of water per person - that's 17,500 litres a year for the average family!
  • Use a watering can instead of a sprinkler and save up to 1000 litres of water an hour - a sprinkler uses as much water in an hour as a family of four uses in a day.
  • Take a four minute shower and save up to seven litres of water. Also request a free  showersave (via Yorkshire Water's website) the device which fits to a shower hose can save 30 litres of water a day!
  • Fitting a free flushsaver in the toilet cistern will save one litre of water every time the toilet is flushed - these can be requested for free at www.yorkshirewater.com/savewater

 After a number of incidents over last weekend and school half-terms fast approaching, Yorkshire Water is also urging people not to risk their lives by swimming in its reservoirs. Wardens at numerous reservoirs across the region had to ask people to get out of reservoirs last weekend.

Reservoirs may seem like a good place to take a swim to cool down but they are extremely dangerous due to the chilling temperatures and the strong under-currents beneath the surface, say Yorkshire Water.

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