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Buyers in York and North Yorkshire Face Longest Wait in Yorkshire for Homes


5:04pm 19th June 2013

People in York and North Yorkshire face the longest wait in Yorkshire to afford to buy a home.

Families face 12 years of saving to be able to afford a deposit in the city, while in North Yorkshire it's 11.3 years according to new research from Shelter.

Couples in both areas face almost seven years of saving to afford a house while single people have the longest wait with people waiting

York Council leader James Alexander says it shows why his controversial plans for 22-thousand new homes should go ahead.

He told Minster FM:

"It is widely recognised York has a homes crisis. Large demand for homes with years of lack of supply has seen house prices and rents increase far faster than wages. This has led to the situation where if you are a York couple with children, a couple without children or even single, you have to save the longest to own your own home in the entire north of England. Sometimes this can be as much as over fourteen years".

"If we are going to be a city where York people and the next generation can afford a home for rent or ownership we need more homes so that the price of homes do not continue to rise so much faster than wages over the coming years. We need to be a city of aspiration where people who work hard and play by the rules can afford a home for rent or ownership if they work for it. This is why the draft local plan proposes more homes. The status quo advocated by Conservatives, Lib Dems and Greens is not an option."

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