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Ben and Ellie's Conker Championship

You’re invited to join Ben & Ellie at Energi Trampoline Park for our first Conker Championships!

Energi Trampoline Park

Ben and Ellie’s Conker Championship is on Saturday September 23rd from 10am at Energi Trampoline Park – could you be North Yorkshire’s champion?

And just by taking part you will get a voucher giving you 40% off a bounce at Energi Trampoline Park.

If you want to take part, just turn up on the day with a conker and string!

Our champion will get a star prize and certificate.



Ellie has put together a list of rules…

Rules for preparation of conker:

  • You must provide your own conker and string.
  • The conker must not be tampered with in anyway – no vinegar soaking, no baking, no nail polish.
  • We will smell your nuts.
  • Drill a hole in the conker, thread a string of 20cm (8 inches) through and tie a knot to secure.

Rules of the game:

  • We will do a draw to determine who you will be against.
  • The owner of the smallest conker always starts.
  • Take it in turns to hit the others conker – dangle the conker at full length for the attacker.
  • If the striker hits the hand or any other part of his opponent, the opponent will receive one extra turn (before visiting first aid).
  • If the two conkers become entwined by the strings, then the first person to shout “strings” will receive an extra go.
  • If one player drops their conker, the other can shout "stamps" entitling them to try and break the conker on the ground by stamping on it. Shouting "no stamps" before the other player can shout "stamps" prevents any stamping.
  • Continue until one conker breaks.
  • The person with the intact conker will progress to the next round.
  • Minster FMs competition rules and regulations apply https://www.minsterfm.com/legals.php