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Minster FM's Battle of the Decades

Minster FM's Battle of the Decades

Sponsored by Wildwire Guitars

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What's the meaning of life?  Are we alone in the universe?  Big questions, but not as big as, which decade was the best? Throughout September 2015, we pitched the 70s, 80s and 90s against each other.

We brought you loads of retro songs, special features, competitions, and a retro party night as we tried to figure out which decade is best, plus we got you to rate your favourite songs from the three decades on Soundcheck.

And the winner was...

THE 1980s!


Find out more about what we got up to, and reminisce about your favourite decades below...

Minster FM's Battle Of The Decades Sponsored by Wildwire Guitars

Wildwire Music and Audio is a family run specialist guitar shop, committed to offering you outstanding service, spectacular products and market leading price.  Everything is available to 'try' in their brand new comfortable showroom.  They have a wide range of payment options available.

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