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North Yorkshire Bond

5th December 2014

This morning Ben was so excited about the new Bond film Spectre that he was trying to come up with North Yorkshire Bond film titles such as 'From Rufforth With Love'...


Review of Neve's big day from her Mum

Yesteerday Gayle broadcast from home so she could go and watch her daughter Neve as the Woops A Dasiy Angel in her school play, Gayle was very proud but did have some constructive criticism for her 4 year old daughter...


Toy appeal wrapping

The presents are pouring in for this years Toy Appeal with McDonalds in York and Selby and the wrapping is now underway at Minster Towers and Julie and Sophie Atkinson have come in to help with Gayle and Ben on tea and coffee duty...

toy appeal


Gangnam record

The video for song Gangnam Style has been viewed more than 2.15 billion times which is a new You Tube record and they have had to improve their technology to keep count, Gayle and Ben belly dancing has been viewed 3 times so probably won't crash You Tube...

We're back on air Monday at 6.30am but if you are missing us we will be at Sherriff Hutton Xmas Fayre at 12pm on Saturday!

Posted by Ben at 10:31am

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