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Gayle's Knitwear and Number Plate Game Rules Change...Again

20th November 2014

This morning Gayle got dressed in the dark and wore a jumper/waistcoat which was #VeryBusy

Gayle in a busy jumper

Number Plate Game Rules...Again

Karen Horne in Dunnigton solved the X X problem by suggesting if you get two X's in a plate they cancel each other out so you can times the numbers, Gayle thought that was a great idea so we went with it. 

Steve at H20 bathrooms then asked what happens if you get three X's, well for starters that's crazy talk but the same as above, more than one X means you can't multiply the numbers!!!

Bad maths from Chris in Haxby thinking he had scored 846 points with X989 but 9x8x9 is in fact 648 points but that is still a new record score...although Mark Jackson reckons he got X999 last week but we didn't give him a mention.

So here we go, latest set of rules!

When the horn goes off on air between 8am and 9am, look at the car in front and add up the numbers on the plate to get your score. If the plate was GB57 BEN you would add 5 + 7 for a score of 12 points.

The only twist is that if there is an X in the plate you can times the numbers, makes the maths harder but the score higher. If the plate was X356 MFM you would times 3 x 5 x 6 for a monster score of 90 points.

But if the X will actually reduce your score then you can choose to ignore it, for example with a 14 plate car you would score 5 by adding 1 + 4 , but only 4 if you if you multiplied them 1 x 4.

If there is more than one X in the plate they cancel it each other out and you can only add the numbers...cruel twist!

You can only score points from the car in front immediatley after the horn sounds on air.

Send us your scores by text, email or twitter and remember you can only play the game safely if you are not driving.

From time to time there will be the opportunity to earn bonus points at the discretion of Team GB.

We will announce high scores on air and Team GB's decision is final!


Scene Stealer

This morning Gayle let herself down doing the worst Scene Stealer clue since the Avatar debacle, she was trying to perform as Tom Hanks in Forest Gump without much success...

Another chance to win cinema tickets to Vue York in the morning after 6.30am and you can check out times for this week's big new movie The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1 and everything else showing at www.myvue.com.


Posted by Ben at 10:10am

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